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We started our journey with AsCAD in the elevator community in 1994 with szg maintenance. If you're wondering what our Software is, I think it's not wrong to say that the work you're doing is digitised. We aim to collect all your software needs under one roof and be with you throughout your processes. From design to after sales services , our administrative activities ( invoice , cash , stock , Current ) are supported by our additional modules and we are present in all areas that your company will need. We've probably written what you think, and you can see what you don't think when you review our program.


What Can You Do?

In our program , regardless of the size of your company from the installation company to the maintenance company in the range of maintenance , failure , revision processes such as especially , invoice ,case , personnel , Stock, current ( supplier - installation), such as all of your processes to work with a software offered. We have developed our desktop software as a direct data entry from the field by supporting it with mobile applications....

Detailed information for each process can be found on the modules page.

If we are going to talk briefly about

  • You can see the current data in the same area while holding the technical data of an elevator in the maintenance section ,and you can see all the questions we can ask with the Windows-based file registration system related to the elevator on the same screen.
  • In the Cariler section , you can examine the current card when you see the products you have bought or sold from a supplier , and you can also keep the official or unofficial ( invoice , quote , contract, copy of cheque ) documents that come in. If you see the labor costs of the personnel you employ for the relevant current account, I think we have done a good thing.
  • In the personnel department , you can see the work analysis , ID copy, entry statement, and also you can watch how much time he took leave, how many days he didn't work, or past salary increase.

Fees and payment

You can have our program in 2 different ways.
1- Purchase (the program belongs to you during its lifetime and supports up to 5 users ) cost is 70.000 ₺ + KDV.
2-Rental model annual license fee is 14.000 ₺ + KDV can renew each year.

What you have in mind

We have served since 1994. The most important feature that carries us to today is that we are a company that knows its product and is behind the product without attracting its continuous support. Support and training is provided by telephone, remote connection or by coming to your office.
Since 2004, we have been developing our program with continuous updates in order to adapt to every standard and regulation change in the elevator sector. We are constantly shaping according to your changing needs.
Our company is the manufacturer of our program. In another company, our dealership or other companies do not develop on our product.
Our program brings the work done in the field to the office immediately. Maintenance, repair, breakdown, revision and accounting are being developed according to your needs.

Under no circumstances has your information been and will not be available to us. For this reason, if it is thought that we cannot give you information that we do not receive from you, your information security should be provided within your company. Our ability to access your information is limited to remote screen sharing at the time of providing support to you.
Our colleagues are valuable people who have spent a lot of valuable time and gained outstanding software in our industry. But the fact that you need to know is that our colleagues are not only doing this job, they are also serving other industries. We have never had the claim that 'we are the best programmer in the world'. But we can safely say,'we are the best software developers who know the elevator'.
The actual use of our program occurs when there is data in it. The biggest difference we encounter when describing the 2 programs that we own is that when a trial is done at AsCAD, it is unreasonable to have a program that has history, front, back, data, such as accounting, when everything is finished. So you can test our product with non-real data that we connect to our own system or you can test it by entering data by installing an empty program.
Our first goal was to provide you with an easy, fast and intelligent program that the computer would perform the sub-operations to do. For example, when you process a maintenance receipt, our program knows the maintenance price, and the automated maintenance form comes full to you, considering which month you have committed. When you process the receipt, your annual report is updated at the same time, while your maintenance receivables and balance information, staff work analysis, are updated at the same time. In other words, many sub-processes are done when you finish maintenance.


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